Nabaztag is an Armenian word for “rabbit” and is also the name of an unusual internet-connected device.  (See

This little rabbit is one of the “internet of things” developed by a company named Violet.  Nabaztag can respond to HTTP methods to move his ears, speak a sentence, play a sound or song, or flash some lights where his mouth should be.  Nabaztag can sense objects that have attached RFID tags.  In a potential application a user could wave his keys in front of the rabbit as he prepared to leave the house.  Nabaztag would arrange to turn off his home lights and open the garage door.  Other people have used the rabbits to read out stock quotes.

To use the rabbits, one registers the serial number of the particular rabbit with a central server that routes HTTP methods to the appropriate device.  Users have reported frustrations with the quality of this service.  I personally can’t imagine casual users up to the task of registering this device with their local wireless network and then registering the device with the server, but the device opens up an intriguing look into the possible “internet of things.”

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  1. I got my new Karotz and configured it with the onnlie app. Everything looked good but the rabbit did nothing. I finally re-connected the rabbit and ran the app again. After running through the app again the rabbit reloaded and booted up like it did the first time. The difference being that this time it worked and the apps I installed on the rabbit began working. I don’t know if the time is accurate yet, but the other apps seem to work OK. On the website I don’t see where I can set the rabbit’s time zone for Central Time in the U.S., just a general country setting. As for the old Nabaztag rabbit, he’s been reporting time erratically and incorrectly. In the last few days he’s quite reporting the time. He does seem to go to sleep when he should and wake on time. He also reports feeds and accepts most voice commands. His hearbeat looks normal as well. If anyone has any ideas on correcting problems on the user end, please post them. This is the solution I found for a new Karotz that won’t wake up or preform. I’ll post more when I have more experience with the new rabbit as I just performed this reload and he hasn’t shut-up since. It’s better to have a rabbit that won’t shut-up as opposed to one that sits there and collects dust and makes me feel like I got hosed out of $250 U.S. I’ll try making the rabbits talk to eachother as soon as the new one gets tired of talking.Jim Nabaztag = WendellKarotz = Harvey

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