Sensr Time-Lapse Playback with the DVR View has been collecting vast amounts of image data from lots of cameras for well over a year now.  Until now, the best way to search and view the images has been with a grid-based view based on a metaphor of a photo gallery.  Recently, added a “DVR” view that uses advanced HTML and Javascript to present a fluid view of an
image sequence.

As receives image streams it applies sophisticated motion-detection algorithms to suppress redundant or irrelevant images.  This helps users during playback by allowing the images from an entire hour to be reviewed in only minutes.  It’s also interesting (and sometimes amusing) to see the shots that captures.

One of our users has been capturing morning walks with her dog using an iPhone.  (See the Lifecasting article for a HOWTO if you’d like to do this yourself.)  Watching what she saw as a slideshow or by single-stepping through the frames using the “Next” and “Prev” buttons is an interesting way to share her experiences!  Follow the link to try it out yourself.

I captured a street scene from a restaurant window while on my annual trip to Provincetown.  (also via iPhone.)  Take a look below.  This sequence is amusing when played with the “PLAY” button.  This one takes a while to load, so you may have to wait a little bit.

Adam Beguelin recorded one of these DVR views as a quicktime movie. (  He posted it to Youtube too.  Pretty cool to watch.

These views are less-than full-motion video – they capture a experiences as images sequences that can be played back faster than realtime, or frozen as photos.  I find the time-lapse sequences to be extremely engaging in a way that is different from video.  What do you think?

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