Cutting the Cord in San Francisco

I’ve been wanting to investigate receiving OTA (Over-The-Air) HDTV broadcasts in San Francisco for a while now.  I am not yet committing to “cutting the cord”, but I wanted to run some experiments to see if it is even possible for me.  Along the way I learned some things and discovered some helpful resources.

Learning about my location

The first thing to do (before buying any antenna hardware) was for me to find out what I might receive.  The best online resource I found was this one.

AntennaWeb helps you see which stations you can get from which towers, and also helps you select an antenna type.  My home out near McLaren park sits high on the hill and has a clear view of Sutro Tower.  AntennaWeb suggested that I could get by with a “Small, Multidirectional” antenna for broadcasts from Sutro.

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