Watch out for the Linode 50 mbps Bandwidth Cap

Linode is great.  One of the things that is great about Linode is their private network.  When a Linode is allocated, you can choose to give your Linode a Private IP address in addition to the Public IP address that all Linodes receive.  Data packets routed through the Private IP address do not count against your billing quotas and get to use a very high capacity private network.


Linode caps the outbound bandwidth of each of your instances to 50 mbps, regardless of which network (public or private) your data is directed to.  This cap is in place to help customers manage their bandwidth quota in case some process goes awry.  But if you intend to process a lot of data through your Linode, this cap will get in the way.  If you run into it, your packets will simply get dropped and your TCP connections will behave badly.

Before this happens, you might want to take a look at your traffic graphs for high throughput Linodes.  Below is a traffic graph from a node that is exceeding its quota.  The clipping is dramatic in this picture.  In cases when the maximum rate is just barely over 50 mbps, the clipping effect in the graph will be more subtle, but the effect of losing packets will be just as bad.

Linode clipping outbound bandwidth at 50 mbps

Linode support will gladly raise the cap on your outbound traffic.  Just drop them a note and they will raise it.  Your node will enjoy increased bandwidth after a reboot.