Sensr and Social Networks

People often ask us why Sensr has Facebook integration.  We use Facebook for authentication, but we also use it for sharing.  We’ve also recently added YouTube for sharing, and Twitter will be added as our next sharing mechanism.  To many people it seems strange that a “surveillance service” would be integrated with Facebook or any of these other social networks.


Sensr is a web-service for monitoring video feeds emitted by cameras. Sometime soon, we believe cameras will be everywhere, but they’ll only be useful if there are easy ways to access them.  That’s what Sensr is about.  Sensr allows you to access your own private cameras from anywhere in the world using a web browser.  Sensr also lets you access your friends cameras and public cameras using a web browser.  But what do you do when you see something interesting?  How do you get it out of Sensr and to where you want to put it?  That’s where sharing comes in.

In the very old days, you’d download a JPG or a MPG and email it somewhere.  In the less old days, you’d share a link to the data. These days, you share the ‘picture’ or ‘movie’ on a social network and don’t think about how it’s formatted or what the URL is.

Sensr asks you to think beyond the traditional uses of surveillance cameras that are viewed only after a catastrophic event (like a robbery).  Instead, cameras become data producers that can used for creative purposes.  Here are some ways users are using their cameras
and sharing interesting things.

Some users keep cameras in their family room.  The camera produces an endless stream of photos of the kids and the dog.   It’s fun to post the pics on Facebook with cute captions.

Another user keeps a camera on a home construction site.  He’s set his camera to take a photo every 30 seconds.  Using the YouTube movie-creation feature he creates time-lapse movies of the construction project.

Another user shares a “live view” of the lobby of his business on his business’s Facebook Fan Page.  The feed from the surveillance camera becomes part of his advertising strategy.

Have fun!  Be creative!  Sensr is a utility.  You supply the imagination.

(Here’s a movie created by Adam from his surveillance camera.)